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Adding a payment is done on the lesson level. Admin can set per each lesson a cost to watch it using the CM MicroPayment platform. The payment can be in virtual currency (points) or real currency using PayPal or other payment gateway.

Integration with Easy Digital Downloads

The CM MicroPayment can integrate with either  EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) or WooCommerce

Once the plugins are installed it is possible to use any EDD or WooCommerce payment gateway to purchase subscription for the Video Manager Lessons. The integration is mainly done at the CM MicroPayment level.

Setting up the Payment per Lesson 

In the lesson edit screen you can find a metabox designed to allow payments and integration with CM MicroPayment.

The user can define several subscription options defined by time in hours/days/weeks/years and by cost defined in CM MicroPayment currency.

Accessing the Lesson Payment Option

Once a payment has been defined for a specific lesson, viewing the lesson page will result in a screen asking the user to choose the subscription options and choose one of them in order to pay.

This option is only available to logged-in users while non logged in user will see a screen explaining that they need to log in.

Changing the Labels

Once the CM Micropayment plugin is active, a new section will appear in the plugin labels section which support labels which shows for the payment and subscription options.

Subscription and Notifications

Once a purchase has been made the user may receive a notification generated by the plugin with the information related to the lesson he can view and for the subscription period (see notifications). User subscription will also appear in the Admin subscription dashboard.

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