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User Statistics (Front-end)

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Not to be confused with the User Dashboard. Learn more about it.

Required Settings

If the report is not showing data, check the options at  CM Video Lesson Manager → Settings → General → Statistics.

  • Track date and time - Logs into the database the date and time every time a user watches part of a video If disabled, only aggregated data will be stored.
  • Save the current progress each N [seconds] -  
    The time, in seconds, in which plugin will save the current video progress

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Settings - General

What is This Feature

Each logged in user can view the statistics related to the videos he has watched on site (logged in users only).

The user can use the statistics dashboard to track their progress and resume watching a video he did not finish viewing.

Note that lessons only appear after user starts watching them.

Using The Feature

The statistics page is shown using the shortcode  [cmvl-stats]. Learn more about shortcodes.


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