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  1. What is This Add-on
  2. Installation
  3. Configuring and Using the Add-on
  4. Labels
  5. Troubleshooting

What is This Add-on


The User Location Tracking Add-on help you show a button that adds your current location. The location is then displayed on a Google Map.


The process is the same with all CreativeMinds WordPress products.

Learn more: CM Map Locations (CMML) - Installation

TIP: Related Settings

Some options related to this feature such as path line, user marker, and tooltip on marker are managed in the User Tracking tab.

Learn more: CM Map Locations (CMML) - External API - Tracking User Location in Real Time (REST API) 

Configuring and Using the Add-on

1) Generate REST API Key

If you haven't done so, head to  Admin Dashboard → CM Map Locations Pro → Settings.

Then, under the Setup tab and Location REST API section, generate a key. 

2) Include Key

Now head to Admin Dashboard → CM Send User Location → CM Send User Location.

Under the General tab, include the key you just generated and the server address attached to it.

Also, choose if you want to include the description field near the button or not.

3) Use Shortcode

With everything configured, it's time to add the button to the site.

It's simple: apply the shortcode  [cm-user-location]


  • api - API Key
  • server - Server address (server which runs the API key)
  • name - Name field default text
  • description_enable - Description field, 1 to show or 0 to hide
  • description - Description field default text

Shortcode Result

The shortcode in the Back-End...

... will result in the button in the Front-End...

... And guest users will see the additional (obligatory) field "Name"

TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use


You can change all labels that appear in the Front-End. To do so, head to the Labels tab.

Example of Front-End Labels


Browser Compatibility

The API will only work starting on the following browser versions:

Browser Chrome Internet Explorer/Edge Firefox Safari Opera
Minimum version 5.0 - 49.0 (http)
50.0 (https)
9.0 3.5 5.0 16.0

Source: w3schools

How to Enable Geolocation in the Browser?

Each browser has a different process, but the principle is always the same.

Learn more: Chrome Chrome Mobile | Firefox | IE/Edge | Safari | Opera

Common Errors and Solutions

Error Cause Solution
User can't share their location or location is not precise enough Maybe device has poor or no geotracking capabilities User should use a device with GPS
Error: Server or API key is missing. Server or API key are missing Admin should add information in the plugin's settings
More: Documentation
Error: Geolocation information cannot be obtained. API was not accessed correctly Review API
More: Documentation
Server address not found. Server address in the settings does not match the API Admin should review the server address in the plugin's settings
More: Documentation
User denied the request for Geolocation. User didn't let browser collect geolocation information User should allow browser.
More: Chrome Chrome Mobile | Firefox | IE/Edge | Safari | Opera
Location information is unavailable. Likely, the current browser does not support HTML5 Geolocation API User should update browser or try a different one
More: w3schools
The request to get user location timed out. The server is not responding fast enough Admin should contact the hosting provider
An unknown error occurred. Many possible causes If it happens repeatedly, contact support

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