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Licensing Options

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Licensing Help

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This guide covers four useful licensing operations you can perform from within the plugins' settings.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Licensing Options - Admin and Debug Notices, Ad Box, Server Connection
    2. Where Can I Find Them?
  2. Managing Licenses
    1. Connect/Disconnect From CM Servers
    2. Display/Hide Admin Notices
    3. Display/Hide Debug Notices
    4. Display/Hide Ads Box


Licensing Options - Admin and Debug Notices, Ad Box, Server Connection

Pro CreativeMinds plugins can display admin and debug notices, as long as an ad box. In this article we'll show how to disable them.

A related option - we'll also cover how to connect/disconnect from the CM servers.

Highlighted Notices

Where do I Find Licensing Options

Every Pro plugin has a License submenu.

The CreativeMinds Licensing Options box is located on one of the rightmost panels.

Licensing Options

A) Connect/Disconnect From CreativeMinds Server

Allows the plugin to communicate with the CM servers to review the licensing status, check for updates, and send special offers in the ad box. No additional information is sent to the servers.

It's enabled by default.

B) Display/Hide Licensing Related Notices 

Shows warnings about license: if it's about to expire or if there is any other issue.

It's enabled by default.

C) Display/Hide Debug Notices

Show debug notices, such as critical errors involving the license.

It's disabled by default.

D) Display/Hide Ads Box

Shows a collection of banners with the latest CreativeMinds deals.

It's enabled by default.

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