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Sending Email Reminder Before Expiration

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What is This Feature?

You can send an email reminder to your vendors before their subscription expires. The admin will also receive a message. 

It's possible to configure the time of sending and the message itself.


Navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS SUPPLIER PRODUCT UPLOADER → Supplier Subscription Add-on.

Notifications Settings

All important settings are under Notifications

  • Enable - Turn the feature on or off.
  • Days before expiration to send notification - How many days in advance will the message be sent.
    For example, if the plan expires on 27-02-2021, and this setting is set to 7, the vendor will receive the email notification on 20-02-2021.
  • When to send notification - What time of the day will the notification be sent (hours:minutes:seconds). Respects the Magento installation timezone.
  • Email Template - Choose between the existing templates (read more below).

Managing Email Templates

You can add and edit templates from  Marketing → Email Templates

To create a template, click on Add new Template.

The Template

These variables are especially useful:

  • {{var expiry_date}} - The date when the subscription will expire
  • {{var customer.firstname}} - The first name of the customer
  • {{var customer.email}} - The email of the customer

Default Messages

The default template of the message sent to the user is called "Notification Plan soon to be Expired (Default). The content is:
	Hello {{var customer.firstname}} your current subscription plan will expire on {{var expiry_date}}!
The Admin will also get a version of this notification email , but with a slightly different email body:
	Hello, vendor {{var customer.firstname}} ({{var customer.email}}) current subscription plan will expire on {{var expiry_date}}!

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