M2 Marketplace - Order Split Module - General Usage

M2 Order Split Module - General Usage

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What is This Module?

The Order Split module extends the functionality of the M2 Marketplace extension.

After checkout, the order will be split into separate orders, each for the different suppliers associated with each product or set of products.

Example Use Cases

  • Veronica orders Watch from supplier A and Bag and Jacket from Supplier B.
    As a result, order 1 will contain Watch, and order 2 will contain Bag and Jacket. The original order is split in two.
  • Veronica orders Watch and Shirt from supplier A.
    As a result, order 1 will contain Watch and Shirt. The order is not split, as all items are from the same vendor.

Enabling Module

Head to  Stores → Configuration → CMINDS Marketplace → Order Splitting to enable the module. 

There are no additional settings. 

Customer View - Module in Action

Veronica buys two items from different vendors

Veronica reviews her orders under  ACCOUNT → My Account → My Orders. She sees that two separate orders were generated, one for each product/vendor.

Admin Side - Viewing Split Orders

The Split Order Extension sends each order almost simultaneously, leaving Split Order orders identifiable by having closely grouped order times.

Example from Veronica's purchase:

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