M2 Marketplace - Minimum Order Module - General Usage

M2 Minimum Order - General Usage

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What is This Module?

The Minimum Order module extends the functionality of the M2 Marketplace extension.

It allows you to set a minimum value amount or a minimum number of items for each vendor. 

This way, customers will have to spend a certain amount and/or buy certain number of products to shop items from specific vendors.

Example Use Cases

  • To buy items from the vendor "Super Shoes", customers must spend at least $200.
  • To buy items from the vendor "Cute Plants, customers must add at least 5 items to the cart on each order.
  • To buy items from the vendor "Nice Watches", customers must spend at least $150 and add 4 items to the cart each day.

Setting Minimum Order to a Vendor

On the Admin Panel go to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers (1) and select Manage Suppliers (2). Select a supplier which is to have minimum order restrictions applied. 

Choose the Minimum Order Amount (3) section.

The following menu is the most important. 

  1. Minimum Order Amount - The user's cart has to cost more than this amount.
  2. Minimum Order Qty - The user's cart has to have more items than this amount.
  3. Minimum Order Amount per - The time frame in which the the Minimum Order parameters must be met to overcome the Checkout restrictions.
    Choose between Order, Day or None (disables the functionality).

TIP: Taxes, Shipping and Discount Codes (Order Modifiers)

How the module treats these order modifiers:

  • Taxes - Takes in account. A higher tax may help reaching the required amount
  • Discount Codes - Takes in account. A discount may prevent a user from reaching the required amount
  • Shipping - Does not take in account.

Customer Warnings

If the customer tries to finish the order without meeting the requirements, warnings will appear on the cart page.

Cart Page First Warning

Cart Page Second Warning (If User Still Tries to Checkout)

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