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Category and Taxonomy

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WordPress uses taxonomies extensively. This guide gives an overview of how to best use them.

Categories and tags are one type of taxonomy.

What are Taxonomies

WordPress Definition

... a way of grouping posts together based on a select number of relationships.

By default, a standard post will have two taxonomy types called Categories and Tags which are a handy way of ensuring related content on your website is easy for visitors to find.

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Taxonomy Examples

Some example of taxonomies that can be applied to many types of content:

  • Category (default in WordPress)
  • Tag (default in WordPress)
  • Post formats (default in WordPress)
  • Target audience
  • Country
  • City

Can I Create WordPress Taxonomies?

That requires coding and is not avaia. However, there are many plugins that do that for you.

Specific Taxonomies

Taxonomies can be applied to any type of WordPress content (the so-called post types). Some plugins allow you to create custom taxonomies for their content.


For instance, the CM Expert Directory creates the post type "expert". It has the taxonomy "language". This way, you can group experts that speak the same language.

Example taxonomies for experts bundled with CM Expert Directory

  • Expertise
  • Service
  • Language

Example taxonomies for routes bundled with CM Routes Manager

  • Route Type
  • Difficulty Grade

Taxonomies for movies

  • Genre
  • Age group
  • Available languages

TIP: Sorting

By default, taxonomies are sorted in alphabetical order. This can cause issues in taxonomies such as weekday, which will be sorted as "Monday, Saturday, Sunday...", instead of the desired "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...".

To sort taxonomy items manually, you can use plugins such as Simple Taxonomy Ordering – WordPress plugin.

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