CM Business Directory Levels - Charging Business For Level (One-Time or Subscription)

Charging a Business For a Level

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This feature requires the Payments Add-On to be installed.

Additionally, in order to offer subscriptions, you must have the paid add-on WooCommerce Subscriptions - WordPress Subscription Plugin, from WooCommerce.

You can charge users for their business to have a certain level. That will mean possibility to showcase different fields.

Currently, this is done via WooCommerce integration.

Creating a Price Option

Before assigning a price to a plan, it's necessary to create a price option.

You can do so by heading to Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce Products → Add New.

When creating a WooCommerce product, the only relevant field to the plugin is price.

For more information, head to WooCommerce's documentation page: Adding and Managing Products

One-Time Payment vs Subscription

When creating a product, you can choose between one-time payment ("Simple Product") or Subscription.

Simple Product Subscription (Recurring payments)
Requires the 
paid add-on WooCommerce Subscription

Setting a Price

You can set the price of each level when creating or editing it. Head to the Product Association dropdown and choose the relevant one.

More information about the CM Business Directory Levels AddOn

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