CM Business Directory Levels - Charging Business For Level (One-Time or Subscription)

Charging a Business For a Level

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This feature requires the following plugins and add-ons to be installed

Additionally, in order to offer subscriptions, you must have one of the WooCommerce add-ons:

You can charge users for their business profiles to have a certain level. That will mean possibility to showcase different fields.

Currently, this is done via WooCommerce integration.

One-Time Payment

Let's first consider creating a one-time payment product and assigning it to the membership level.

Creating a Price Option

Before assigning a price to a plan, it's necessary to create a price option.

To do this, navigate to  Admin Dashboard → Products → Add New.

When creating a WooCommerce product, the only relevant field to the plugin is price.

When creating a product, choose Simple Product as Product data, then define the price in the fields Regular price.


For more information, head to WooCommerce's documentation page: Adding and Managing Products

Setting a Price

When needed products are created, you can set up the price of each level when creating or editing it. To do this, navigate to  Admin Dashboard → CM Business Directory Pro → Levels, find the Product Association dropdown for a new or existing level, and choose relevant product.

Subscription Payments

To set up subscription plans for your levels membership, you need to have installed one of the add-ons - either WooCommerce Payments of WooCommerce Subscriptions

After you installed the chosen WooCommerce add-on, you need to configure it first - follow this Guide to set it up.

When it's done, you can manage the subscriptions in products.

There are two types of the subscription which you can use:

  • Simple Subscription
  • Variable Subscription

Simple Subscription

This type of subscription provides only one option which the user is allowed to purchase.

When creating/editing the WooCommerce product, choose the Simple subscription option in the Product data dropdown. There will appear a set of options:

  • Subscription price - Set the price of this product, then choose how often the payment should be charged (every day/week/month/year, etc.).
  • Expire after - Here you choose if the subscription should be terminated after passing some period of time. If you choose Never expire, the user will be charged each time, until he cancels the subscription.
  • Sign-up fee - Optionally include a sum to be one-time charged at the outset of the subscription. 
  • Free trial - Set the amount of days in case, if you want your customer to have a trial period before paying for the subscription.

Variable Subscription

This type of the subscription allows you to offer a few options to choose from. For example, pay only for 1 year or pay for the subscription annually.

When creating/editing the WooCommerce product, choose the  Variable subscription option in the Product data dropdown. Creating different variations demands creating corresponding attributes for each variation first, so head to the section Attributes:

In the dropdown, choose Custom product attribute and click Add.

In the appearing form, do the following:

  1. Give a name to the set of attributes.
  2. Enter attribute names separated by "|". These names will be used as names of each subscription variation.
  3. Check Used for variations.
  4. Click Save attributes.

Then head to the section Variations. In the dropdown, choose Create variations from all attributes and click Go. There will appear a pop-up message, asking if you are should about creating variations - click OK.

There will be created subscription variation corresponding to the attributes name. You need to configure each variation. There are lots of options, but the basic options that we need are the same as in the case with Simple subscription. In the example below, we have configured 2 subscriptions:

  1. One-time payment for a 1 year membership which costs 50$.
  2. Annual Subscription - the user will be automatically charged for 50$ every year.

Setting the price for the membership level is the same as in the case with a Simple Product.

Front-end Example

First, the user needs to choose the membership level that suits him:

Then he will be redirected to the page for filling the expert form, and he needs to choose the subscription type he wants to:

After filling the form, he will be redirected to the checkout page. When the payment is completed, the business will be published.

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