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Adding the Levels Form

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What is The Levels Form

The Business Directory Levels form can be added to the front-end of the site.

Any user (even non-logged in) can see the difference between levels and choose a plan.

Read More and Proceed Links

The table ends with two buttons for each level:

TIP Creating Buttons/Links for Level Checkout

You can easily add other buttons or links to each level checkout page. 

To do so, head to the form and copy the link address of the Proceed button of that level.

It will look something similar to Every level has a different number in the place of xxx.

Add this link anywhere on your site and it will direct your users to the appropriate checkout page.

Adding Form To a Page

To add this form to a post or page use the shortcode  [cmbdl_plan]. Paste this onto the page or post that the form is to be added to.

Adding the Levels form shortcut to Business Directory Settings

Once a page or post has had Business Levels form shortcode added, copy the page ID of that page. To get the ID of the page go into the Editor for that page.

In the address bar you should see post= and then a number. That number is the page ID.

Now go to CM Business Directory Pro → Settings → Levels.

In the General section the first field labeled "Shortcode Page ID" is where the Levels form page ID should be pasted.

Click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

Now in the WordPress dashboard at the top of the Settings page for CM Business Directory Pro there should be a link to the Business Directory Levels form. This should make setting up the form and editing it later a little easier.

More information about the CM Business Directory Levels AddOn

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