CM Business Directory Levels - Assigning Levels as Admin

Assigning Levels as Admin

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What is This Feature

The site Admin has the power to assign Business levels to any business in the Business Directory. This is done during the creation of a new Business Page or later on the Edit Business Page.

TIP: Creating a Business

To learn how to Create or Edit businesses, see this article from the Business Directory Pro documentation.

Finding the Settings

Navigate to CM Business Directory Pro → Business.

Then click on the Title of whichever business you would like to assign a Business Level to.

On the side bar on the right the Levels widget is displayed. Any pre-made levels appear here. 

Click the checkbox to the left of the chosen Business Level to choose that Level. Note that a business can only have one level - if you set more than one, the last ones will be disregarded.

Remember to click "Publish" or "Update" to save your work.

Quick Edit - Assign Business Levels

It's possible for the admin to use the Quick Edit option on the list of Businesses on the WordPress dashboard to quickly assign business Levels to Business rather than going into the edit page for each business.

The Quick Edit option is revealed by hovering over the chosen business row.

On the quick edit form the Business levels section is displayed with a "Levels" label.

Select the desired Level for the Business then click the "Update" button in the bottom right corner of the Quick Edit form.

Note that the Quick Edit method for assigning Business Levels only works with pre-existing Levels.

More information about the CM Business Directory Levels AddOn

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