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Dokan Integration

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What is Dokan

Dokan is a WooCommerce add-on to manage a Multi-vendor Marketplace.

What is It

The Dokan integration allows Dokan vendors to receive points commissions when users buy products.

To properly set up the integration with WordPress MicroPayments, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Micropayment Platform → Settings. The settings will only show up if the Dokan plugin is activated.

Navigation to the plugin settings - WordPress Wallet Plugin
Navigation to the plugin settings

Then head to the General tab.

Dokan Integration Settings

Dokan integration settings - WordPress Point System
Dokan integration settings
  • Enable Dokan Integration - Enables the integration.
  • Grant admin percentage of sale - Grants the admin wallet commission for each sale.
  • Sale percentage fee - Percentage the admin receives with each sale.

    For example: user A sells an item for 100 points to User B. User B is charged 100 points, split between the admin and User A according to the percentage amount.

    If this field is empty, there will be no commission.

  • Admin wallet code - This wallet will receive the percentage of sale. Enter the full code with 32 characters.

    For instance, ae010ac8c293c02b7f78b3758b377c60.

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