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Inventory Updater Configuration

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The Inventory Updater add-on helps the suppliers update inventory automatically for the existing products in the catalog via a CSV file. The CSV file will be pulled on a daily basis and update the qty, stock status or price of the products that are available in the store. 

The supplier can access the configuration by navigating to My Account → Vendor Portal → Import → Inventory Updater.

The Inventory Updater Configuration allows updating the CSV file by using the following fields:

CSV Link - enter the CSV file using FTP on one of the paths and the system will pull that CSV file. For example, the path looks as follows:

CSV Delimiter - allows entering a delimiter character to specify the boundaries between values (typically a single reserved character such as comma, semicolon).

Matching CSV column - allows entering the header of the matching column where the updates will be applied to.

Matching Product Attribute - allows selecting any product attribute in the list to match to the CSV column. 

Matching QTY column - enter the header of the QTY column name from your CSV file.

If Product is not in the Feed - if a product is not in the feed, you can select the action that will be applied to the product:

  • Do nothing
  • Set out of Stock

Matching Cost Column - enter header of cost column name from your CSV file.

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