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Dropship Notifications on the Order View

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The Dropship Notification add-on allows sending notifications to the supplier about the dropshipped item on the order view in the Backend. Navigate to SALES → Orders → {select any order} → View. To dropship the order, click the button Dropship on the panel.

There is a separate section Dropship on the order view that allows tracking and showing the details about the dropshipped items. 

The Pending Order Items section shows the items that can be dropshipped. 

The Dropshipped Order Items section shows the items that had been already dropshipped.

Both sections have the following columns:

  • SKU - product SKU
  • Name - product name
  • Qty - product quantity in the order
  • Supplier Name - shows a supplier who can dropship the order
  • Status - the status of dropshipped order. The Incomplete status is set by default.
  • Method - shows the chosen notification method
  • Date - shows the date when the order has been dropshipped

Once the dropship has been completed, the notification will be sent to the supplier and the order status will be changed (according to the settings). The success messages will appear: Dropship notification has been sent.

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