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Adding URL To A Supplier Page On The Frontend

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The module generates a SEO-Friendly URL for a supplier profile page. Suppliers can also add a custom URL for their own page. 

A SEO-Friendly URL means that this URL is easy to understand for humans and machines. For example, to avoid structures such as www.mystore.com/?p=111, the SEO-Friendly URL should look like www.mystore.com/name-of-the-product. This will help both the user and the search engine bots identifying what expect from the page.

The settings can be configured in the Vendor Portal following My Supplier Page → Settings → URL Settings.

In the Supplier URL field the supplier needs to add a URL-key without trailing or leading '/'.

If the supplier adds my-supplier-page, the profile page will be available with the following URL {host}/my-supplier-page. Moreover, if the supplier changes the URL more than once, the old one will redirect to the latest URL.

By default, Magento 2 adds the following URL {host}/supplier/view/id/{supplier_id} that will work as it is and it will not redirect to the Supplier URL-key by default. So once the supplier creates a new URL {host}/my-supplier-page, the module will redirect to a new one. But if the customer saves the old supplier URL {host}/supplier/view/id/{supplier_id}, the module will redirect to that old one.

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