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Upload Page Customization

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The WordPress File Manager plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the upload page. This guide covers the appearance/visual settings of this page. 

To start customizing it, you can visit the Upload Page tab in the plugin settings.


Appearance settings - WordPress Document Management
Appearance settings
  • Disable front-end Dashboard - Restrict access to users with the manage_options capability.
  • Downloads Dashboard Page ID - Define here the ID of the custom dashboard page created by you. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.6.5.
  • Page template for dashboard - Choose which template should be used to display the upload page. You can choose one of your theme templates or CMDM default template. When using CMDM default, the CMDM Download Page widget area will be used as a sidebar. When using your theme template, your theme sidebar will be used.
  • Other page template for dashboard - If the desired template is not on the list above, define it here.
  • Dashboards downloads per page - Limits downloads displayed at the same time on the "My Downloads" dashboard page. Set 0 to disable the limit.
  • Show available shortcodes on the edit page - Provides a handy reminder.
  • Show download ID on the upload page - If enabled the download ID will be displayed on the upload page. Note: ID will be displayed only after the download is created, while editing it.

    Download ID - File Manager WordPress
    Download ID
  • Show download ID column in wp-admin - Displays the column on the admin dashboard view:

    Downloads IDs on the back-end - WP File Download Plugin
    Downloads IDs on the back-end
  • Fix dashboard CSS - Useful for troubleshooting CSS issues.


Categories settings - File Manager Plugin for WordPress
Categories settings
  • Show child categories in dropdown - Enable this option to display child categories in dropdowns. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.4.6.

    Example of subcategories - File Download Plugin
    Example of subcategories
  • Categories required - Enable this option to make adding download to categories required.
  • Display categories in a scrollable box - Useful if you have a long list of categories.

    Example with default setting vs. scrollable box:

    Example of regular and scrollable boxes - WordPress Document Management
    Example of regular and scrollable boxes
  • Max number of categories - Set maximum number of categories to choose for download. Choose 0 to disable the limitation.
  • Associate downloads only with subcategories - If enabled, user won't be able to associate downloads with the top-level categories and only with subcategories.
  • Hide category selection field if category is only one - If there is only one download category, the selector will not be shown.

Fields Arrangement

You can choose the order of each field by assigning a number to it. Lower numbered fields will appear first. 

Fields arrangement settings - File Manager WordPress
Fields arrangement settings

These are the fields and their default values:

  • ID: 1
  • "Version": 2
  • "Title": 3
  • "Description": 4
  • "Category": 5
  • "Download type": 6
  • "Upload File": 7
  • "Tag": 8
  • "Excerpt": 9
  • "Notes": 10
  • "Screenshots": 11
  • "Thumbnail": 12
  • "Protect by password": 13
  • "Allow single file download": 14
  • "Allow selecting specific files to download": 15
  • "Enable Preview": 16
  • "Enable Media Player": 17
  • "Admin Recommended": 18
  • "Notify me on new support topics": 19
  • "Require non logged in users to provide name and email": 20
  • "Number of downloads": 21
  • "Installation": 22
  • "Changelog": 23
  • "Custom Field": 24 (Learn more)
  • "Custom Field 2": 25 (Learn more)
  • "Direct Download Link": 26
  • "Agreement text": 27


  • Redirect to index page after upload - If enabled, after upload the user will be directed to the download index page. If disabled, a new download form will be shown.

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