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Managing Wishlists (Admin Panel)

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It is possible for the admin to manage wishlists of customers in the Backend. This can be useful for customers who are having trouble with modifying a wishlist from the Front-End or if items that have been removed from the Front-End have been requested for a wishlist.

Navigate to CUSTOMERS → All Customers. This will open up a list of customers who have registered on the store. Identify the customer whose wishlist is to be modified and click anywhere on the row of the customer or on the Edit link to the right of the customer's row.

The Customer view should appear displaying some basic information about the customer and offering a menu to see more about them and their purchase history in the store. The menu appears on the left of the view, from this menu select Manage Wishlists.

All the products contained in the various wishlists can be viewed here. There are options to filter and search for specific products.

On the right hand side of each item in the wishlist there are two options to either Configure a product that was added to the wishlist or Delete.

Deleting An Item From The Wishlist

On the Multi Wishlist view identify the item that is to be removed from the wishlist. Ensure that it is the item in the correct wishlist by checking the wishlist name from the second column.

On the item row click the link Delete. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm that the item is in fact to be removed from the wishlist as once the action is taken, it cannot be reversed.

To view the wishlist, click the View link and you will be redirected to the Wishlist Information section.

On this page you can easily remove or add new products to the wishlist. To remove a product from the wishlist, click the button Delete in the list with products and Save the wishlist. 

To add new products, click the link Add New Product(s). You will be redirected to the grid with items. You can select multiple products in bulk by clicking on the box next to each item, or select items separately.

After selecting the products, open the Actions dropdown, choose Add to Wishlist ans click the button Submit.

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