Multi Wishlist (M2) - Editing Wishlist Items - Frontend

Editing Wishlist Items as User (Front-end)

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Go to the User Dashboard by clicking Account My Account. Select Manage Wishlists from the lefthand menu. To remove or edit items on a specific wishlist, click on View on the chosen wishlist row. The page will redirect to the detailed view of the wishlist.

Change Item Quantity / Add Comments in a Wishlist

On the Detailed view click on the Qty input field and delete the current value. Enter the desired quantity. Then click on the Update Wish List button below the list with products.

Add a comment to each product by entering text in the field and clicking Update Wish List.

Removing Items from the Wishlist

To remove items from the wishlists on the detailed view, click on the Remove Item link on the right hand side of the item. An alert will appear confirming whether or not the item is to be deleted from the wishlist. Clicking OK will remove the item.

Modify Wishlist Item (Modifying configuration)

If a product is configurable (e.g. has different sizes, colors etc.), the user can change the product attributes in the wishlists. To change the configuration of the product, click on the Edit button on the right of the product in the detailed view.

Choose the new attributes for the product and click UPDATE WISH LIST.

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