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Multi Wishlists in Your Store

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To view wishlists or add products to them, it is necessary to be logged. Attempting to add items to a wishlist before being logged in will direct site visitors to the login / signup page.

On products, below the View Details or Add To Cart buttons there is the Add to Wishlist option. The extension will automatically add the product to the user's wishlist and show a success message. 

With the Multi Wishlist extension for Magento 2 installed a popup will appear prompting the user to choose which wishlist they would like to add the product to. 

To add the product to an existing wishlist, click the Add to Wishlist button and select a wishlist in the appeared popup in the dropdown Choose wishlist. Then click on the button Continue

To create a new wishlist, enter a title for your wishlist in the field Or create new and click on the button Continue.

Wishlists View

Upon clicking Continue the user will be redirected to their Dashboard with the created wishlists. A success message will be displayed saying that the item has been added to the wishlist.

This Wishlist View is reached through the Customer Dashboard by clicking the Manage Wishlists menu item. All the existing wishlists are listed in a special section with the following fields:

ID - the wishlist ID. Each wishlist has a unique ID number.

Title - the wishlist's title. Once your customers enter the title for your wishlist, it will be displayed in the list.

Products - shows products added to a certain wishlist. The users will see product names and their SKUs. If the user adds a configurable product with the chosen attributes, they will be displayed in brackets as well.

Actions - to view the wishlists in detail, click the View button. To remove the wishlists, click the Delete button.

To add a new wishlist, find the Add New Wishlist section below, enter a title in the field and click on the button Add.

Wishlist Detailed View

Clicking on View in the wishlists view on the dashboard will open the detailed view of the chosen wishlist.

All of the items on the wishlist are displayed here. The users can remove or add items to the cart in bulk or separately, edit, leave comments and change the item's quantity. 

It's also possible to Add all the current wishlist items to the cart or Share the wishlist with third parties via e-mail.

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