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Integration With CM Registration Bulk Invitation Add-on

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For this feature to work, these three must be installed and activated:
  • CM Restrict User Account plugin version 1.0.4 onward
  • CM Registration and Invitation Codes plugin
    • Bulk Invitation add-on version 1.2.3 onward

The CM Restrict User Account Access can be used in tandem with Bulk Invitation, an add-on to the CM Registration and Invitation Codes plugin.

The integration allows you to to generate codes in bulk for temporary accounts.

Utilizing The Integration

If you are still unsure about how to create bulk invitations, read the specific guide: CM Registration (CMREG) - Bulk Email Invitation Add-on - General Usage.
  1. Head to Admin Dashboard → Registration Pro → Bulk Invitations
  2. Choose between the relevant option for you:

    1. Create invitation codes
    2. Invite users by email
  3. In either options you will find a new field: "Choose date type to restrict user access after:"

    The options are:

    1. None - The access will never be restricted (this effectively turns the integration off).
    2. Absolute - The access will be restricted on a certain date you specify.
    3. Relative - The access will be restricted after a certain amount of time you specify. Note that the timer starts once the account is activated and not once the code is created.

More information about the   CM Restrict User Account Access

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