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Settings - General

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To access the plugin's settings, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Restrict User Account Access Pro → Settings.


Default Settings

  • Default value for "Delete user after date" checkbox - Note that, even it's on, it will not set a date. This can be set for each user in the user edit page. This prevents accidental expirations and deletions.
  • Login error message - The message will  be displayed on login if the  user's account has expired or was deleted.

    Front-End Example

  • Choose what to do with the content of a deleted user - You can either delete all the content or reassign it to another user with the help of setting below.  This can also be set for each user on the user edit page.
    • Pick the user to attribute content to: This option will only have effect if the previous setting is set to Attribute all content.

User Registration Settings

  • Enable expire time after registration - Enable to automatically expire accounts after registration
  • Time period - Input a number (for instance, 7)
  • Time unit - Choose if the number will be hours or days (for instance, 7 days)

Manual Trigger

Expiration date set for users: Adds an expiration date to all accounts without any expiration date set.


User Registration Date Current Date Number of days in this setting Result
Jan 3rd 2020 Jan 1st 2020 2 Account will now expire in Jan 5th 202
 Jan 5th 2020 Jan 10th 2020 10 Account will be reactivated and expire again in Jan 15th 2020

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