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Getting Started

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What This Plugin Does

The After Registration Extended Profile Fields allows you to retrieve information from users after they have logged in, enriching their profile.

This is done through a Profile Form that can be activated with a notice ( learn more) or through the use of shortcodes (learn more).

You can also assign new roles to those users that complete the profile form with extra fields.

Example Use Case

  • You have a news website and want to give only partial access to new users. When a user registers, he/she is greeted with a limited number of articles and, after completing the Profile Form, can see all content.

Profile Form

The Profile Form is a collection of Custom Fields that the user must fill. Custom Fields are extremely versatile: they can be used for adding a phone number, a short blurb, a description of the service they provide, asking if a subscriber is over 18 or not... 

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Finding The Fields

Once your user completes the form, his/her profile will receive the additional information.

To check this, you can go to Admin Dashboard → Users → All Users and then find the relevant user. When hovering the mouse near the user name, you will see two additional options relevant to the plugin.

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