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The Profile Form

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What Is The Profile Form

The Profile Form is a collection of Custom Fields that the user must fill. Custom Fields are extremely versatile: they can be used for adding a phone number, a short blurb, a description of the service they provide, asking if a subscriber is over 18 or not... 

Adding Custom Fields to the Profile

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to After Registration  After Registration.

On that page you will find the form builder:

The custom field builder should then appear as shown above.

Drag the desired input fields from the list on the right into the area on the left. For convenience, the fields can be minimized by clicking on the pencil icon that appears in the top right while hovering over an input field's settings area.

Custom input fields will appear below the default input fields on the registration form. The custom input fields can be reordered by clicking and holding on the field that is to be moved and dragging it up or down as desired.

Types of Input Fields

There is a selection of different input fields available to choose from to control the type of data being entered by users.

  • Text Input - Creates a small input area for plain text.
  • Text Area - Creates a large input area for play text. Better for blocks and paragraphs of text.
  • Number - Creates an input area that will allow numbers only.
  • Select - Creates a drop-down menu to choose from.
  • Radio Select - Creates a list to choose from by clicking on radio buttons. Limited to one choice.
  • Checkbox Group - Creates a list to choose from by clicking checkboxes. Allows multiple choices.
  • Date Field - Creates a date selection field with a drop-down calendar date picker, an up-down incremental selector or manual input options.
  • File Upload - Creates a button for uploading 1 file. All files uploaded by users are stored in "/wp-content/uploads/cmareg-after-registration/". This directory will contain a separate folder "user_id" for each user with uploaded files. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.0.10.

Each of these input types has their own configurations specific to them. 

Settings Common to All Input Fields

There are also settings that are common to every field and affect the general behavior of the form. 

  • Change Label - Edit the front-end label for the input field.
  • User Meta Key - The key to the user meta record in the database. It's recommended to change this to something more easily remembered using alphanumeric characters and underscores.
  • Required - Check this box to make the input field required for the user to complete the registration form.
  • Restrict to Roles - Show the field only to the selected user roles.
  • CSS Class - Filled automatically, but can be customized.
  • Default Value - Self-explanatory.

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