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General Settings

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Accessing The Settings

Head to Admin Dashboard → After Registration → Settings → General.


  • Notice
    • Display notice automatically - Automatically enables the notice. If the setting is off, the notice can still be triggered with the use of shortcodes. Read more about shortcodes.
    • Notice message - This field accepts HTML and the placeholder [epurl], that fetches the extended profile pages URL.
  • Other
    • Extended profile fields form page - Choose the page which contains the shortcode [cmareg-extended-profiles]. Read more about shortcodes.
    • Roles - Select any number of roles to display the notice only to them. By default, all roles but administrator will be selected.
    • New role - If you would like users to have new roles after completing the form, you can choose a role here. 
  • Advanced
    • Notice container class or id - If you would like to add the notice to a custom position, you can write the class or ID in this field. Leaving it blank will add the notice to the body of the page.

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