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No Permanent Changes

The free version of this plugin does not make permanent changes to your content. Once you create replacement rules, they will be applied to visitors only while they access the page.

The premium version allows permanent changes. Learn more: Search and Replace Plugin (CMSR) - Saving Changes to the Database

The Search and Replace plugin comes in two versions: the free and the Pro. This user guide focuses on the free version.

Table of Contents

How to Use the Plugin


The Search and Replace plugin allows you to easily replace text in all types of posts and pages, including theme and plugins generated content. 

It works via rules: you tell it "x" should become "y". Then, everytime a visitor visits a page with "x", he/she will see "y". 

Note that the content will only change to the visitor. The change will not be applied to your database.

Initial Plugin Installation

  1. To manually install the free version of plugin, download it from to your computer. Then go to the Plugin tab on the Wordpress Admin Plugin to install the plugin.
  2. Hover over the Plugin tab and click Add New.
  3. Click button Upload Plugin and find the downloaded file.
Installing the plugin - Find and Replace Plugin WordPress
Installing the plugin

4. Install the plugin.

5. Once the plugin is downloaded it will appear in the Plugin tab for you to activate and use.

Interface Overview

  1. The settings for the plugin are available in a new sidebar in the Settings section.
  2. Click the Settings button to make changes to the plugin. The following settings are available:
  • Cleanup Database - allows you to remove all of the data stored by the Search and Replace plugin in the database. The information cannot be reverted.
Cleaning the database - WordPress Plugin to Mass Replace Links
Cleaning the database
  • There are three tabs labeled Replacement Rules, Upgrade, and Installation Tutorial:

1. Replacement Rules - allows creating replacement rules and setting up the search and replace rules for the content of your site. Please note the plugin allows changing the content without making changes to the database.

2. Upgrade - shows a video tutorial on how to use the plugin and allows updating the plugin to the Pro version.

3. Installation Tutorial - provides a quick installation guide, documentation and video tutorial for additional information and tips.

How to Create Replacement Rules

  1. Open the Replacement Rules tab on the plugin dashboard.
  2. Use the bottom set of boxes to manually change the string restrictions for the plugin. The following options are available:
  • From String - To String - allows creating restriction rules. For example, you can easily replace WordPress Blog with WordPress News by entering the values into the fields. You can also edit links, replace HTML, and more.
  • Case - select if you want values in From String to be case-sensitive. This feature allows you to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, if you enter Home into the From String field, the plugin will replace this word with the uppercase letter H only.
  • Options - to add a new rule, click the Add New button. You can update or delete a restriction rule at any time. To update the existing rule, click the Update button. To remove the rule, click the Delete button. You can also update all the rules in one click by using the Update All Rules button.
Creating a replacement rule - Mass Replace Text in WordPress
Creating a replacement rule

Why Upgrade to Pro - Differences Between Free and Pro

Free Edition Pro Edition
Define search and replace rules
Define search and replace rules and manage them via drag and drop
Supports posts and pages
All WordPress Content Types
Supports text and HTML via simple replace
Supports text and HTML via simple replace or regex rules
Handles case-sensitive content
Handles case-sensitive content
Content is not replaced permanently Option to replace content permanently 
Rules are applied always Rules can be restricted by time
- Import and export rules
No integration Special support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin, WooCommerce labels, bbPress content, and Yoast content
- Plugin can be used forever; one year support and updates

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