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This guide explains the CM FAQ Community Submission Add-on shortcodes.

For a list of the shortcodes present in the base WordPress FAQ plugin, check the specific guide WordPress FAQ Plugin (CMFAQ) - Shortcodes.

Community Submissions Dashboard

Shortcode - [faq_submissions_dashboard]

Description - Displays a dashboard with the submissions made by the logged-in user. Includes title, last update and create dates, and links to edit and delete each term. 

Community submissions dashboard - FAQ Plugin WordPress
Community submissions dashboard

Suggest a Submission Link


Description - Displays a simple link that directs to the Submission Form page.

Suggest a submission link - Best FAQ Plugin WordPress
Suggest a submission link

Submission Form

Shortcode - [faq_submissions_dashboard]

Description - Displays the full Submission Form.


  • showexcerpt - Hide or display the excerpt field (0 hides it, 1 displays it)
  • showcategory - Hide or display the categories selection field (0 hides it, 1 displays it)
  • showtag - Hide or display the tags selection field (0 hides it, 1 displays it)
  • showvote - Hide or display the voting field (0 hides it, 1 displays it)


[faq_community_question showcategory=1 showtag=1 showvote=1]

Submission form - WordPress FAQ Plugin With Search Bar
Submission form

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