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Order List (Supplier Side)

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To see the orders list, the supplier should go to "Orders" in the upper Menu in the Supplier’s panel. 

The orders list contains basic information about the orders from that supplier, such as  order iddate of order, billing and shipping info, subtotalnet income and order status.

It is possible to apply filters on id, date and status parameters to find a certain list of orders, and if desired, export the results into a CSV file. 

The supplier can also use the quick access button to ship the orders directly from the orders list. Note they can only use this option to ship their own products.

For more information on shipments, please read  the  Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Managing Orders (Supplier Side) article.

The detailed view of an order contains the customer address and lists of ordered items, as well as shipment and invoice further information. The suppliser can access this by clicking on the blue "View" button to the right of the order they would like to view in the list.

Under the  Order tab are details about the customer and ordered items.

Under the  Shipments tab, the supplier can choose to create a new shipment or view the details about an existing one.

Under the  Invoices tab, the supplier can print the existing invoice or create a new one when necessary.

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