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How This Module Works

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What It Does

The Multiple Vendor Products module allows vendors to create different versions of the same product.

The store admin creates the original product and then the suppliers can quickly create their versions with individual price, quantity and note.

The product page will show all versions of the product so the customer knows which to add to the cart, as shown below:

Enabling Module

The admin can enable or disable the add-on by navigating to STORES → Configuration → CMINDS SUPPLIER PRODUCT UPLOADER → Multiple Product Vendors Add-on. Click Yes in the dropdown to activate the add-on.

The following image shows a product catalog with three identical products from three different vendors. As the highlighted fields show, the cheapest bag is currently visible in the store.

How It Works

The process is straightforward.


The admin creates the base product. Four fields are important and can't be empty:

  • Stock - The product has to be in stock in order for suppliers to create their versions
  • Manufacturer Code - Add a unique value
  • Vendor Code - Since this is the first product, it can be the same as the manufacturer code.
  • Main Product - Set it to Yes

Now, every supplier can create an identical product.


The suppliers, when creating a product in their dashboard, will see a list of available products.

After selecting the product to add, the supplier can choose price, quantity and a description.

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