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The Page Metrics And Events Metabox

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Metaboxes are the useful draggable boxes found while editing posts or pages.

Important: You must save or publish the page/post before The SEO Keyword Hound panels appear.

The SEO Keyword Hound uses three metaboxes and this guide will cover the Page Metrics Metabox.

Page Metrics And Events Metabox

Each page has a Page Metrics metabox. You can use it to input and monitor your page's traffic such as Impressions, Clicks, and CTR to help track the success of your SEO efforts.  Page Metrics.

Learn more about each
  1. Page Events And Metrics Options - Configure this panel
  2. Metrics Panel - Displays statistics
  3. Trends - Verify current trend
  4. Adding an Entry - Include a new page metric or custom event
  5. Editing an Entry - View comments and options
  6. Showing More Entries - Load more entries


Page Events And Metrics Options

  • Google Analytics - Shortcut for the Google Analytics of this page.
  • Toggles - You can choose to display or not certain fields.
    • Show Metrics - All Metrics.
    • Show Title Changes - Data from Title Changes on the page metrics table.
    • Show Description Changes - Data from the Description Changes.
    • Show Snapshots - Snapshots.
    • Show Custom Events - Any manually inserted data.
  • Metrics Dashboard -  Directs to the Global Dashboard page.
  • Show in Dashboard - Mark this to display the page on the site's Main Metrics Dashboard for comparison. Affects the Global Page Metrics page.
  • Video Course - Handy link for the video course.
  • Documentation - Handy link for this guide.


Metrics Panel

The table shows all of the page's traffic from Google Analytics, as input by the user.



The trends icon shows the health of this current page's SEO efforts. It will be colored green for positive and red for negative. The user can choose what percentage qualifies as a change from neutral to good or bad. Learn more:   Setting - SEO Statistics.

Clicking the icon will display the Trends pop-up. This live graph shows all relevant data in an organized way. Hovering the mouse over data will reveal the respective values for that data point.

As highlighted below, it's possible to choose from a set time period, such as last month or last year. Also, it's possible to include or exclude certain data sets from displaying on the graph.

Note: Starting from version 1.1.0, the graph also displays events, as highlighted:


Editing an Entry

For each entry, there are three useful icons

  1. Description of the entry.
  2. SEO title, Post tile and URL of the page.
  3. Configure
    1. Edit Analytics 
    2. Shortcut to Google Analytics
    3. Remove


Adding an Entry

You can add data in one of two ways:

Page Metrics

Clicking the + Page Metrics button will trigger this pop-up:

In it, you choose the date of the metric, how many days it covers, and the statistics themselves: Impressions, clicks, bounce rate and average position.

By clicking on the handy Google Analytics shortcut, you will be redirected to the specific page where you will be able to retrieve this data.

Custom Event

This is a simpler addition that works as a note.  

Set a date, the note, the label and choose if you would like to enable notifications.


You can configure the available labels in the Page Metrics settings


Notifications allow you to receive a reminder after a set number of days.

You can choose the number of days, add an e-mail address and customize the message.

Under Notification type, you can choose between e-mail, site notice or both.

Under Notification receiver, the options are Just me or Everyone.


Showing More Entries

Click More or All to display more entries.

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