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Settings - Metaboxes

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Accessing the Settings

You can find the settings for CM SEO Keyword Hound in the path Admin Dashboard → CM SEO Keyword Hound → Settings.


You will find the Metaboxes and labels settings under the Plugin Options tab.

Metaboxes - General

These settings will apply to all metaboxes.

  • Supported post types (required option) - Define which post types where the metaboxes will be visible (for instance, pages and posts).
  • Metaboxes grids size - Affects the size of all metaboxes. Choose between Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, and Huge.
    • Difference between Tiny and Huge:
  • Metaboxes grids density - Choose between Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. 
    • Difference between Comfortable and Compact: 

Metaboxes - Keyword Metabox

  • Keywords statistics table columns (required field) - Which tables will be visible in the statistics table. Example highlighted below:


  • Headers - Select which content headers will be included in the keyword analysis “Header” category. Examples of headers:
  • First x words - How many words will be taken in account in the "First x words" statistic. The default value is 100.
  • Keyword density threshold - Set the minimum threshold for a Keyword Density Warning to appear when comparing with a competitor. This setting takes into account only the page content and first 100 words. The default value is 6%. You can turn it off in the Density Warning setting below.


  • Expand multiple alternative keyword lists - Allow or not multiple alternate keywords to be expanded at the same time. Example of behavior with setting off:
  • Keywords warnings - Choose if the the warning icons will appear for these situations:
    • Keyword not found - Shown if the relevant keyword is not found on your page.
    • Density Warning - Shown if the relevant keyword appears too many times on your page.
  • Keyword changelog - Saves all changes made to the keyword as an entry in its note.
  • Show "Statistics" - Enables collecting statistics per keyword from the keyword menu.
  • Keyword note labels - Choose the color and the label for each. By default, three of each are provided.
  • Competitors color - Example highlighted below:

Metaboxes - Competitors Metabox

Choose the color and the label for each. By default, three of each are provided. Affects the  Competitors metabox.

Metaboxes - Page Metrics Metabox

Choose the color and the label for each. Affects the  Page Metrics and Events metabox.

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