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Settings - Keywords Analysis

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The Keywords Analysis options allows you to modify how the search engine optimization data is processed by the plugin.

Accessing the Settings

You can find the settings for CM SEO Keyword Hound in the path Admin Dashboard → CM SEO Keyword Hound → Settings.

Keywords Metabox

Note that all fields are mandatory. Also, be aware that statistics are only updated after saving a post or page — changing these options will not automatically update your post statistics.

  • Headers - Choose which headers will be taken into account during analysis. 
  • First X words - Choose how many words will be considered as first words during analysis. The plugin considers as "first words" content inside the <body> element of the page, excluding tags. In the following example, the first words are highlighted in red:

    <CENTER><IMG SRC="banner.jpg" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> </CENTER> 
    <a href=""> Link Name </a> is a link.
    <H1> This is a Header</H1> 
    <H2> This is a Medium Header</H2> 
    <P> This is a paragraph</P> 

    As such, the first words would be "Link Name is a link. This is a Header This is a Medium Header This is a paragraph".
  • Keywords density threshold - If a keyword density is higher than this value, the plugin will trigger a Keyword Density Warning.

Page Metrics Metabox & Dashboard

  • Page metrics collection period - Select the default data collection period.
  • Trends change margin - Set which percentage will define a positive or negative trend. For instance, a value of 5% means that the trend will be treated as neutral between the intervals of -4% and 4%.

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