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Dashboard - The Macro View

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The Dashboard can be accessed in CM SEO Keyword Hound → Dashboard.

It allows you to have a macro view of all the current SEO efforts. 

  1. Filter pages by metrics or by trends
  2. Display or hide different columns
  3. Export all data as CSV (Feature added in version 1.1). Learn more: SEO Keyboard Hound - How To - Export a CSV Report
  4. Live search from the current pages
  5. Click a column to sort the table based on its value. 
    1. Click the page name to enter its Back-End (edit) link
    2. Click the eye icon to access its Front-End (view) link 
    3. Click the information icon to display a preview of the page title, SEO title and SEO description
    4. Click the graph icon to display a graph with median values (see more below)
    5. Click the refresh icon to recalculate the trends for this page
    6. Click the colors to assign a specific color to the row
  6. Some fields can be edited directly from the table simply by clicking on them

The Page Funnel Values Graph

Clicking on the graph icon for any page triggers the page funnel values chart.

It shows, side by side, the CTR, Bounce Rate and Conversion rate of the single page and of all monitored pages. Example:

Using Categories to Organize Pages/Posts

The version 1.1.0 introduced categories, which help you easily organize your pages.

Some examples of use:

  • Topic (e.g. Healthcare, IT, Infrastructure)
  • Person responsible for that page (e.g. John, Mary)
  • Degree of importance (e.g. 1 - High, 5 - Low)

Assigning Pages/Posts to Categories

When editing any page/post, look for the "CM SEO Categories" Metabox. In it, you can create categories and assign them to that page/post.

Choosing Which Pages Will Appear in the Macro View

You can choose which pages will show up on this view. 

To do this, while editing a page head to the Page Metrics metabox and mark the "Shown on Dashboard" option. Learn more in the specific guide Metaboxes - Page Metrics

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