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The SEO Competitors Metabox

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Metaboxes are the useful draggable boxes found while editing posts or pages. 

Important: You must save or publish the page/post before The SEO Keyword Hound panels appear.

The SEO Keyword Hound uses three metaboxes and this guide will cover the SEO Competitors Metabox.

SEO Competitors Metabox

The SEO Competitors Metabox holds all the metadata about the web pages that you have selected as competitors. Through it, you can manage your competitors and trigger keyword comparisons.


Global Options

These settings allow you to make changes that affect all competitors.

  • Search Phrases Manager - Insert and manage search phrases used to find the competitors. Learn more about them in the guide General Usage.
  • Find Competitors for Phrase  - Lists competitors on Google based on a search phrase you select. You can then easily add competitors from a list fetched from Google.
    1. Select a phrase and click on the Find Competitors button to get the results. Check the competitors and click on Add Selected Competitors.

    2. This screen is very important.
      1. You will see a list of 10 competitors fetched, in rank order, from Google Search. Note that they have different colors - blue for new, green for competitors that have already been added and purple for your own page.
      2. Check the checkbox of those that you would like to add as a competitor.
      3. Mark the star of the most important competitors. These will be grouped as the Top Competitors.
    3. Optionally, add new search phrases for the competitors you are adding.
    4. Finally, click on Add Selected Competitors.

    Requires proper Google API configuration.
    Learn more: Settings - API Configuration

  • Compare All Competitors - Compares your keywords to those of all competitors. Results are displayed in the SEO Keywords Metabox.
  • Compare Top Competitors - Compares your keywords to top competitors only. Results are displayed in the SEO Keywords Metabox. 
  • Compare Competitors by Search Phrase -  Compares your keywords to competitors assigned to the selected search phrase. Results are displayed in the SEO Keywords Metabox. 
  • Refresh All Titles - Refreshes page data to update the titles for each competitor's URL.
  • CSV Import and Export - Download or upload a CSV file with competitor information. The file must follow this structure:
  • Tip: If you are unsure on how to prepare the CSV file, use the export function to generate a sample CSV file. It will serve as a template for you.
  • Video Course - Handy link for the video course.
  • Documentation - Handy link for this guide.


Competitors Panel

This table shows the information collected from your competitors. Things to note:

  • You can batch remove items by selecting their checkboxes and clicking "Remove Competitors". This action cannot be undone.
  • You can edit most of the fields by clicking on them. 
    • Clicking on the name of the competitor will trigger the Edit Competitor pop-up.
    • Click on PA and DA to edit the values on-the-fly.
    • Click on the star to make this competitor a top competitor. Clicking it again will remove the top status.
  • At the end of each row, you can click on the cog icon to manage or compare you stats with each competitor.
    • Edit Competitor - Opens up the pop-up where you can edit this competitor's information.
    • Refresh Title - Fetch the provided URL for the title again.

    • Add Note - Add and manage notes for this competitor.

    • Compare (Desktop) - Compare your keywords with the ones of this specific competitor. Results are displayed in the SEO Keywords Metabox. Scrapes from the url's desktop version for keyword content. 

    • Compare (Mobile) - Compare your keywords with the ones of this specific competitor. Results are displayed in the SEO Keywords Metabox. Scrapes from the url's mobile version for keyword content.

    • Remove Competitor - Delete this competitor. This cannot be undone.


Other Information

The metabox also includes:

  • The + Competitor Button - In the lower lefthand corner, with it you can add new a competitor.
  • The Competitor count - In the upper right, showing the total number of competitors for this page.
  • Order by Options - In the lower right, where you can choose how the table is sorted.

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