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Automatic Order Archiving

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The Configuration settings for the Order Archive extension allow for orders of a chosen status of a chosen age to be archived automatically. This can greatly reduce the workload of keeping your orders list lean. Commonly Complete orders over a few days or weeks old are moved to the archive, or pending orders that have sat unchanged for a few weeks or months.

To Configure Automatic order archiving, from the admin panel navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Order Archive → Order Automatic Archiving Options.

Enable the extension by setting the option labeled Enable Auto Order Archiving to Yes.

Next the Status types that are to be archived needs to be set. Select one or more (Hold CTRL for Windows or CMD for Mac) of the order Statuses that should go to archive.

Finally decide how long orders of the selected status should remain in the Order List before being sent to the archive. This is set in days from the most recent order status change to the current status.

Remember to click on the Save Config button above the Configuration Settings to the right to save the changes.

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