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Setting Allowed Product types for Vendor added Products

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The Admin can decide which product types are available for Vendors to create through the vendor portal. This is useful for narrowing down the kind of store you want to operate and making the vendor panel more user friendly for your suppliers. A clothes shop might only decide to allow vendors to upload simple and configurable products. A music store may only allow Downloadable. Or a tour reseller might offer only Virtual.

Enabling / Disabling Product types

To allow or disallow certain product types for vendors to create on your store navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS SUPPLIER PRODUCT UPLOADER → Product Settings

Locate the Option labeled Allowed Product Types. Select any types to be made available to Vendors. Hold CTRL on Windows or CMD on Mac to select more than one.

Click the Save Config button above and to the right of the settings to save the changes.

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