Multi Vendor DropShipping - Creating Partial Order Shipments

Creating Partial Order Shipments

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When creating a shipment, it's not necessary to send all items at once. Instead, the admin can create as many shipments as necessary.

This tutorial will go through each step of this process.

1) Find and access the order

First, find your order in Sales → Order.

2) Create shipment

Then, create a shipment action by clicking the highlighted Ship button.

You will be directed to the New Shipment page. Note that in this screen you can also add a Tracking Number and comments for this specific shipment. Both panels are highlighted below:

3) Set items and quantity to be shipped

When configuring the shipment, you can set the quantity to ship for each item of the order. This is done in the "Items to Ship" panel.  After setting this, click Submit Shipment.

The image below shows in detail the Qty to Ship field:
Now the order is partially shipped!

Reviewing shipments

In the order information page, you can monitor which items have been shipped already. You can find this in the "Items Ordered' panel.

Below, you will find an image of the panel in detail. Take note of the "Qty" column, where each item has an "Ordered" amount. Shipped items also have a "Shipped" value. In this case, 5 out of the 9 ordered items were shipped.

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