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You can access the main configuration screen by clicking, System Configuration, and on the bottom left: Lucid Path Extensions → Sales Representative Deluxe.

Commissions Options

  • Is Minimum order amount enabled: If this option is enabled, the Representatives will have to reach a minimum order amount to get a commission - otherwise the commission will be 0. Read more about it in the specific guide.
  • Is Commission Based on Profit: If set to Yes, the commission will be based on product profit (profit = product_price - costs). The product attribute set should contain attribute 'cost', otherwise default product price will be taken.
  • Is Commission Based On Customer Group: Enabling this will determine the Representative's rate of commission based on the Customer group settings.
  • Default Status for New Orders: Choose between:
    • Unpaid
    • Ineligible
  • Default Sales Rep Commission %: What percentage of the sale goes to the Sales Rep by default.
  • Default Manager Commission %: What percentage goes to the Manager by default.
  • Manager Commission based on: Choose whether the Manager's commission should be based on:
    • The subtotal of the sale.
    • The commission that goes to the Sales Rep
  • Fix Commissions Daily: Fixes the commissions on a daily basis via a cron job
  • Auto-assign salesrep to customer: Toggles whether or not Sales Reps are automatically assigned while registering via the Admin panel. Read more about this feature in the specific guide.
  • Minimum orders amount: Defines the minimum amount of orders needed for Reps to receive commission

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