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Approving a Supplier's Product (Admin Side)

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Requiring Approval

With the Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you can enable or disable the automatic approval of suppliers' products.

To manage this, go to System → Configuration → SUPPLIER FRONTEND PRODUCT UPLOADER → Configuration.

If a supplier creates a product that needs approval, it will be identified as "Pending" on the Supplier dashboard.

Approving Products From the Supplier Catalog

The admin can quickly approve or disapprove suppliers' items from the catalog. This is done by checking the "Approve" column.

The highlighted area from the above screenshot:

Multiple Items

It's also possible to approve or disapprove multiple items at once by selecting them and submitting a mass action, as shown below:

Approving Products From the Product Page

Alternatively, the admin can change the product's status by editing it.

In the General settings, in the Status Set by Supplier field.

The highlighted area:

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