Social Login - Logging in using Social Login (Front-end)

Logging in using Social Login (Front-end)

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The Social Login extension creates a popup modal that allows site visitors to either log in manually using their email and password or to use their login details for either their Google or Facebook accounts.

When customer is not logged into social Profile

If the customer chooses to use the social login option but they are not already logged into the Social profile that they wish to use, they will be redirected to the login page and be promted to do so. When they have completed their login successfully they will be redirected to their Magento user dashboard with a success message informing them that their Social account has been connected with their new Magento store account.

When User is already logged into social Profile

If the user chooses a Social login option that for an account that they are presently logged into they will automatically be logged in.

In the case of attempting to log in using Facebook they may need to give the Extension permission to access their details.

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