Credit Line - Viewing Credit Line purchase History

Viewing Credit Line purchase history

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It can be beneficial to be able to isolate the purchases that are being made on credit for accounting reasons. With this in mind the Credit Line extension is capable of displaying the purchase history of customers for purchases made just with Credit Line. Either as the Customer or as the Admin.

Viewing Purchase history (customer side)

From the Customer Dashboard click on the My Credit Line.

In the section YOUR PREVIOUS CREDIT LINE ORDERS the order history for products purchased with Credit Line can be seen.

Viewing Purchase history (admin panel)

On the Admin panel to see the purchase history of a specific customer navigate to Sales → Credit Line - Orders

The Orders - Credit Line view will appear. A table of all orders made using Credit Line for all customers is displayed here. To view only the Credit Line purchase history for a specified customers Enter their Name in the text box below the table headers, then click the Search button above and to the right of the table.

The results shown in the table will then shorten displaying only the orders made by that customer, in the Products Purchased column the items included in the order are shown and to see them in more detail click the View button in the rightmost column.

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