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Sharing Wishlists

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The Multiple Wishlist extension has plenty of applications other than keeping track of things you yourself would like to buy at some stage later on. In some situations teams or groups of people collaborating may benefit from being able to share wishlists of products they are interested in.

Within the Wishlist view on the customer dashboard there is a feature for sharing wishlists. Choose My Wishlists from the lefthand menu then identify the Wishlist that you would like to share.

Click on the View button in the row of the Wishlist you have selected. This will open the detailed view for the Wishlist.

Scroll to the bottom of the Wishlist and click the Share Wishlist button.

The Share Wishlist form page will open. Enter the email or emails of the recipients for the Wishlist and write a message for them. Then click on Share Wishlist

An email summarising the products in the Wishlist is then sent to the recipient(s) along with the message and links to view the wishlist or even to add all of the products straight to cart to quickly proceed with the checkout.

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