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Managing RMA Statuses

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It is possible for the Administrator to manage the types of statuses that can be set for different stages in the RMA process. The Admin is free to create as many or as little statuses as they like for their own use and the use of vendors on the site when dealing with RMA requests.

To manage RMA Requests from the Admin dashboard navigate to RMA → Settings → Manage Statuses. A table will appear displaying any custom statuses that have been created.

Adding New RMA Statuses

The Admin are free to create their own RMA statuses to display to customers who are curious as to how their return is proceeding. To do this they should click the Add New button above and to the right of the RMA Statuses table.
On the Create Status page give the status that is to be created a name in the Status Name field.

Optionally categorize the Status with sort. This is handy if there are likely to be a lot of different status types on your site (for example with electronics components distributors)

Then click Save in the top right to save the new RMA Status.

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