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Downloads - Setting Images as Thumbnails

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Setting Images as Thumbnails

The CM Download Manager allows you to assign thumbnails to downloads.

Enabling Screenshots

To do this, first, make sure that screenshots are enabled. These settings are found in the Download Page tab in the plugin settings. Learn more by checking the specific guidelines about the settings.

Selecting an Image

Now, when editing a download, pay attention to these two fields:

  • Screenshots - Here you can select which images will be displayed as screenshots. By clicking the Select files button, you will be able to choose images. They can be either
    • From Computer - Choose one from your system or drag the files in the highlighted space.
    • From URL - Input the image's link. Make sure that you own the copyrights to use it.
    • From Media Library - Select from images that were already uploaded to WordPress.
      • Open the media library. Click on "Show". Select the format and then click on insert into post.

    You can select up to four images per download. They have to be 220px high and 720px wide maximum or smaller.

    • Thumbnail - After adding any number of screenshots, you will be able to choose one as a thumbnail by clicking it. For example:

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