WordPress Registration Form Plugin (CMREG) - Extra - Age Verification

Age Verification

The WordPress Registration Form plugin supports age verification. This is useful for websites with age-sensitive content.


To edit it, head to CM Registration Pro → Settings → Registration.

Registration settings - WordPress Plugin User Registration
Registration settings

Move to the Age Verification header:

Age verification settings - User Registration WordPress
Age verification settings
  • Meta key of the birth date field - Save this key, as it will make the age verification work. By default, it's cmreg_birth_date.
  • Minimum allowed age - Choosing "0" will turn age verification off.

Adding Age Verification To The Registration Form

Now that the age verification is set up, you must add it a date field with age check to the profile field.

To do this, head to CM Registration Pro → Profile Fields. 

Adding the age verification field to the registration form - WordPress Login Plugin
Adding the age verification field to the registration form

Insert a Date Field, as highlighted above.

Also make sure that:

  • The User Meta Key value is the same as the one set up in the age settings (by default it's cmreg_birth_date).
  • The field is marked as required.
  • The field is set to show in the Registration Form.

In The Front-End

If the user states being younger than allowed, he/she will receive the following message:

Age verification message on the front-end - WordPress Custom Login Form
Age verification message on the front-end

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