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Submitting RMA requests as customer

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The RMA process starts with the customer. How the Customer can begin an RMA request depends completely on how you have configured the RMA types and Reasons. Here is how a customer can proceed to submit an RMA request.

Creating a new RMA request

From the Customer Dashboard after some products have been purchased successfully. From the menu on the left choose RMA

If there are any previously made RMA requests either complete or pending these will appear here in a list. If not then only the button to create a new RMA will be displayed.

Click the Create RMA button to begin a new RMA request.

The Create RMA form will be displayed as shown below. The customer must complete this selecting the order that they would like to return an item from, the quantity of that item they are returning, whether the packaging has been opened, the Request Type, any additional information about the return request, and the reason for the RMA request.

They must then click on the Save RMA button to complete the RMA request.

The customer will be returned to the Customer Panel and the RMA tab. A success notification will appear in green above the table of existing RMAs and the RMA that was just created will be added to the list.

The customer can log in and return here at any time to view the status of their RMA request and can click the View button in the Action column to see a more detailed view of the Request.

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