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Managing RMA Reasons

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Many different RMA requests will be because of different reasons. It might be important to some stores for Customers to choose for what reason they are applying for the RMA request so that the admin or vendor can determine whether it is in line with their refund policy.

To get to the Manage Reasons page on the Admin panel navigate to RMA → RMA Reasons.

Add New RMA Reasons

There are three RMA Reasons created by the module by default. Return, Change size and Refund. These are the most common RMA reasons for most stores but they're not applicable in all cases. For this reason it is possible to delete the default RMA Reasons and to create new custom RMA reasons.

To create a new RMA Reason, on the Manage Reasons page click on the Add New button above the table of RMA Reasons on the right.
This will open the Create Reason page.

On the Create Reason page in the field labeled Reason Name enter the name that you would like to give this RMA Reason. Once this is done click Save on the top right of the window to save it.

Deleting existing RMA Reasons

When an Admin has created their own Custom RMA Reasons it is possible for them to also delete these later should they become redundant. To do this go to the screen showing the list of RMA Reasons.

Identify the Reason that is to be deleted and on the very right of the Reason row click on the Delete button to delete the chosen reason.
The page should refresh and a success message appear above the table informing you that the status was successfully deleted. The status should also no longer appear in the table.

Editing Existing RMA Statuses

If an Admin should see a status that has a mistake in the name or for some reason wish to rename an existing status it is possible for them to do this through the Manage Status page.

Identify the Status that is to be modified and on the second column from the right of the chosen status row click on Edit.
This should redirect you to the Edit Status page. This page is much the same as the Create Status page but instead of a blank Status name field, the Status name field contains the current name. Change this as required.

Click Save to save the changes.

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