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Max Price per Delegated Approver

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Either the Master account User or the Admin is capable of setting a maximum amount up to which delegated approvers can approve other Subaccount user's carts. Though having delegated approvers is a valuable time saver in some cases it is useful to put a cap on this.

Setting Approver limit as Master User

From the Customer Panel, navigate to Manage Users then identify the Sub Account user for which you would like to set an approval limit. From the options on the rightmost column click Edit.

Within the Sub-account edit page ensure that the Can approve shopping carts option is set to 'Yes'.

Next in the Maximum value to approve (in USD) field enter the amount by which the delegated approver is to be limited. (this will show in the currency of the store)

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save' to save the changes.

Setting the Approver limit as Admin

To alter the approver limit of a sub-account user as the site administrator, on the admin panel navigate to Customers → Manage Customers. Identify the sub-account for which you would like to define the approval limit and click on the link to the Master account for that sub-account.

Once inside the edit Master Account page click on the  Sub Accounts option from the lefthand menu.

Identify the subaccount once again from the table that appears and click on Edit from the rightmost column.

In the Edit Sub Account page click on the General option from the lefthand menu.

Again ensure that the Can approve shopping carts option is set to 'Yes' and then in the next field, set Maximum amount to approve to the limit you would like to set.

This will set a limit on how much a Sub Account user may approve by, if the value of a cart that has been submitted for approval by another sub-account holder is less than the limit then an email will be sent to the delegated subaccount user. They will also be able to see that this cart can be approved from their customer dashboard.

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