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Limiting the Number of Questions

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It's possible for the site Administrator to limit the number of questions that customers can ask about any one particular question. This can prevent things from becoming messy and to reduce the amount of questions management that vendors have to deal with.

To set the limit of the number of questions that can be asked, from the Admin Panel navigate to Stores → Configuration → Marketplace QA → Configuration. In the module settings identify the option Max Questions Per Product.

In the input field enter the number of questions that you would like to set as the limit. Choosing '0' will result in an unlimited number of questions being possible. Click Save Config to save the changes.

Difference on the Front-end

When a customer views a product that has already had the limit of questions that can be asked met or exceeded, they will not be able to view the form for asking questions. The number of questions that were asked, answered and approved is what determines whether or not customers can continue to ask questions. If the number of approved questions does not meet the limit set then customers will still be able to view the form and submit new questions.

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