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Payment Add-on

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The Payment Addon for CM Registration support requesting the user to pay before making a registration.

The AddOn supports payment per specific invitation code or for all general registration. You can support different payment amounts per each invitation code and also assign a user to a different user role.

The AddOn requires the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to be installed. EDD is a digital download cart system with more than 30 payment gateways available and supports also recurring payments.

Installing the Add-on

Installing the Payment Addon is just like installing any other WordPress plugin. Please make sure that before installing the Addon you have EDD installed and also the CM Registration plugin installed.

After installation please activate the license in the CM Registration license section. 

Payment Settings

After installation, the AddOn adds a new tab to the CM Registration settings.

The available options in the settings are:

EDD product - the default EDD download to be used for payment. You should set an EDD download that defines the payment amount. You can also use a recurring payment in this case if you have the EDD recurring payment extension installed. 

Once set this will be the default payment for all registrations. You can still set different payments for specific invitation codes

Send the payment reminder every X [days]You can set the schedule to send the payment link email every X days to the user's email address if the payment hasn't been finalized yet. Set 0 to disable.

Delete inactive accounts after [days]:  Delete inactive user's account if the payment hasn't been finalized after the set number of days from the registration date. Set 0 to disable and keep all accounts. This means that user registration which did end with a successful payment at the end will be deleted. 

Payment Reminder Settings

Under the email tab in the CM Registration settings.

You can find the template for the email reminder which will be sent to the user who didn't complete the payment successfully.

This email will be sent only if the  Send the payment reminder every X [days] is set.

Payment For Specific Invitation Codes

When defining an invitation code it is possible to set a specific payment for this invitation as well as a user role that the user will gain by registration.

The option available for the payments are:

Follow global option - this means that the payment will be based on the setting available in the Payment tab of the Registration settings. This is the default option.

No - No payment will be asked when using this invitation code.

Yes - Once choosing yes a dropbox letting you choose any EDD download will be available. 

This support setting a different payment per each invitation code. 

Setting up an EDD download

You can check this tutorial to get familiar with EDD.

Once you have set up the EDD plugin you need to create a "download" per the registration payment. A "download" does not have to have any file assigned to it and can offer a pay per service/registration only. 

You can create multiple "downloads" which will be assigned to different invitation codes you have.

More information about the CM Registration and Invitation Codes Bar WordPress  Plugin

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