M2 Marketplace - Vendor Subscription Module - Renewing a Subscription (Supplier Side)

Renewing a Subscription Plan as a Supplier

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Vendors are capable of renewing their subscription Plans without contacting the website's administrator directly.

To do this as a Vendor head over to the Vendor Panel. Click on Renew Plan from the menu bar at the top.The Renew Plan page will open with the current activation status of the plan that the Vendor is subscribed to.

Choose the number of months that the subscription plan should be renewed. These will append to the current expiration date or if the expiration date has already been reached will start from the moment of checkout.

Check that the total is correct and click on Check Out. You will then be redirected to the front-end of the website and the additional months will appear in the cart. Click on the cart icon and Proceed to Checkout.

Select your method of payment and enter the required information. Then make a final check that the subscription renewal is correct.

Finally click the Place Order button.

Depending on the method of payment the renewal may take effect or may need to be processed by the site administrator. As soon as the order status changes from Pending to Complete the Subscription Plan renewal will take effect.

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